A bit of history

I grew up on a hunting estate in Sweden and come from a background of several generations of hunting conservationists, explorers and naturalists.

When my father, Iens, took over the estate, he managed to make Eriksberg the gazetted wildlife conservation and hunting reserve it is today.

My paternal grandfather did a lot about the diminishing numbers of many different species of animals around the world. He saved the sea eagle, the golden eagle, the mute swan and the greylag goose from extinction in Sweden. He was also very much involved in Tiger and Rhino conservation in India. But now and again one of my grandparents would get their gun out to hunt a red deer at home, a cattle killer or a man eating tiger in India, a marauding elephant in the Sudan or something for a zoological museum, or indeed for the pot.
My father was cut from the same cloth and had two daughters. My sister spent her first year with my parents and two orphaned gorillas in West Africa, and my mother lives for books and anything that sprouts. Being an author and a hunting conservationist is business as usual in my family.

“My beloved grandmother, who in some ways was my role model, did not give me grandmotherly advice. Instead she spoke of her time in the jungle of India and the bush of Africa and her advice was to do with how to live strongly and that a leopard can hide behind a matchbox and is faster than lightning.”

A bit of history
My big sister and I at home in Sweden with two orphans.
The Roe deer, "pysen", was a close friend of mine.
A bit of history
Where I grew up in Sweden nature was part of everything in my life.