I wrote my first poem when I was 9 and discovered it offered some sort of relief. I never stopped reading and writing from there. I also painted passionately in oil since I was quite young. When I was about 17 I chose between painting and writing. I eventually decided on the latter, because pen and paper were easier and cheaper to travel with.
Fiction is what I prefer to read and what I prefer to write. Yet now and again I use autobiography to offload and make internal space so fictional stories can appear with greater ease.

All of my books have been published in different versions of hardbacks and paperbacks first. Do look for them as "real" books with your bookstore or on the net. Here, however, I only send you on to the option of buying where there are e-book versions available. As availability and stock is an ever changing matter with bookstores. The conversion of many of my books into e-books in different languages are happening, so do keep looking for them here.

At home in Oldonyo Sambu, in northern Tanzania.
Photo: Jimmy Greenwood.