Bark of the Sundogs


Original title: “Vildnis.”
First published: 2010.
Published in: Danish and Swedish.

"When they got the call from the pilot, to say that Daniel McFreigh had died, Beatrice was in the bath and hadn’t heard the conversation on the telephone. She was relieved that Thomas did not come into the bathroom, but told her from the passage. He stood outside the door and spoke to her in a low voice, as if it was an event from long ago. A past voice, one that history had already covered with muffling layers of time. A child with Daniel, she thought, would have been strong and beautiful. She looked at her own pale flesh under the surface of the water and wondered at how strange it was that she was waterproof and had probably just laid there, or laughed, or brushed her teeth, when he had died. They hadn’t planned to go back to Tanzania again. It wasn’t something they had discussed, but they had both known, Thomas had made it quite clear, when they left Kilimanjaro airport two years back, that it was the last time."
- Excerpt from “Bark of the Sundogs”. Translated from Danish.

 "...Does so called civilized man belong in nature any more at all? In that case is nature good or bad? Is there meaning behind it or is it empty? Does it offer comfort or is it frightening, beautiful or cruel...? These are themes worth listening to, worth opening yourself up to."
- Kristeligt Dagblad (Denmark).

Bark of the Sundogs

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