Looking at Harry – and other stories

Short story collection.

Original title: “Med hensyn til Harry og andre fortællinger.”
First published: 2008.
Published in: Danish.

“It was about three o’clock when Clarence was yet again at the rock. He took the gun from Masudi, who gave it back to him without a word, and slipped down and away from the scene, as tracelessly as had he merely been a bad memory of himself. Once Masudi was gone, Clarence climbed up on the rock and got himself ready again. He was a bit worried that all the walking back and forth had disturbed the chances of the lion returning, but on the other hand he was aware that this was not a lion like other lions. Obviously it did not care much about human commotion. He noticed a small black cloud surrounding Harry, that had not been there before and realised that they were flies, therefore the onset of maggots. Harry had taught him that if you were in the middle of the bush and somehow got a big flesh-wound, maggots were not your enemy. Maggots only eat dead meat. But here they would just keep eating, he thought. And then he cried. Tears and snot, spit and a rasping grunt crowded to get out of his face like had somebody opened all the gates to a zoo of emotions. Tears got stuck in his stubble and he wiped them away with indignation, though he had kept them so very safe up until then. He was not Harry. He had never been Harry. He was not a man made to do this on his own. It should have been him down there, at least then the job would be done well and Clarence would have been buried with honour".
- Excerpt from "Looking af Harry". Translated from Danish.

"... there is something about Illum Bergs style of writing that make names like Somerset Maugham and Graham Greene spring to mind..."
- Lars Ole Sauerberg, Jyllands-Posten (Denmark).

Looking at Harry

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