Rivers of Red Earth

Collection of auto-biographical short stories.

Original title: “Floder af rød jord.”

First published: 1999.

Published in: Danish, Swedish, German, Italian, Dutch, Czech.

“You say that you love nature, but you are a woman. The woman is the creator of life. How can you make yourself kill?”. I was grateful that someone chose to actually say something. For the last hour, I had felt a silent but clear consensus of who the sinner of the dinner-party was. I looked across the table, at the woman who had spoken and smiled, relieved. I was at the dinner-party of one of my old friends in London and it was his new girlfriend, Emily, who had asked me the question. She was about thirty, with beautiful hands and long legs. “Delicious calf’s liver,” I answered and took a bite. That could have been answer enough, though of course I wasn't trying to get away that cheaply.” Once, for an entire month, I lived of zebra meat and zebra innards, that I had shot in an area I was culling in, I swear my skin started smelling of zebra.”
- Excerpt from “Rivers of Red Earth”. Translated from Danish.

&nbsp"In more than one way a fascinating and beautiful book… She can write and she does so with purpose, with heart. It is to the effect that you almost feel that you are right there with her in the African bush, enjoying nature and the solitude there."
- Holge Ruppert, BT (Denmark).

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