Tea on the Blue Sofa

Auto-biographical love letter.

First published: 2003.

Published in: English, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, French.

"My mother once met a dead tiger. In Margali, India. Four years before I was born. She walked up to its still warm body with timid steps, wary of cutting its camouflaging stripes out of the shades and shadows-seeing it clearly on its own. Aware, that only its death will let you cut a tiger out of the jungle, she was overcome by sadness. In an attempt to find a way to carry with her some of the strength lost in the death of a tiger, she and my father cut out the heart and ate it. Bearing in mind the stories my grandfather told him about his times in India, my father knew that they were not the first to do such a thing. If there is strength in anything, it must be in a tiger’s heart."
- Excerpt from “Tea on the Blue Sofa”.


&nbsp"Well written if at times painful to read...
painstakingly honest...an enigmatic writer."

- Daily Telegraph (UK).

&nbsp"The evocation of her grief and sense of loss
is quite moving...it works well."

- Evening Standard (UK).

Tea on the Blue Sofa

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