What I am also working on now

I have just finished a book with the working title “All will be well.” It is the anti-thesis to my book “Tea on the Blue Sofa.” All will be well is a diary written to a person who, at the time of writing it, was not here yet. “Tea on the Blue Sofa” was a letter written to a person who is no longer here. I am in the finishing stages…

My own and mankind’s relationship with nature, is a recurring theme in my mind. The nature that wells out from us so called civilised creatures and the nature that has been such a dramatic, but also legible relationship in my life. Until the end of 2018 I will be working on a collection of personal essays around this theme.

I give talks
I give talks on subjects related to mans place in nature, hunting and conservation tales from Africa or being a woman in a male dominated field. I am also happy to do readings from any of my books. I am equally as happy to speak in English, Danish or Swedish.

Please contact me through this page, if you are interested in booking a talk.

I am making a small personal documentary with Kire Godal. “Skypaths”. We go back to some of the places around the world where my grandfather did his filming, writing and nature conservation, almost 100 years ago. It was first and foremost his fascination for birds that made him follow the cranes from Sweden to Africa and also brought him to anything from the heights of the Himalayas to the swamps of South Sudan.

Questions about man’s relationship with nature raised by a man in the 1920’ies, again raised by his granddaughter many, many years later. This documentary will be done by mid 2017.

What I am also working on now
Hungry explorers, big and small, waiting for their rice and beans.
What I am also working on now
Visiting the Eurasian cranes in their southernmost home, Ethiopia.

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